Metal, Rock, Hard rock
From: Fremont, NE, United States

Band Members

  • Matt Benson - Vocals
  • Kirby "Tweek" Messier - Guitar
  • Marcus Porter - Guitar
  • Josh "Butch" Richert - Bass
  • Brett "The Pope" Dahl - Drums
  • Mike Rohwer - Backing Vocals/Keyes

About Band

Treading dark waters that is music, rising from the very depths of the abyss, you are granted Asher. Taking all that you know about music and throwing it in your face. There was once a time when it looked as all was lost for this emsemble. Members being taken to the darkest of places. It seemed that the great power was to be lost into the annuls of time itself. Asher, it seemed, was too great for the darkness to hold. For they broke free and arose anew. Leaping forth from the very pit that threatened to swallow them whole Asher rises to take what is rightfully theirs. asher!!!

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