Ashley Amos

Ashley Amos

Ashley Amos

Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap
From: Mabank, TX, United States

About Artist

Hello my name is Ashley Amos and I am an aspiring rapper/ singer. I live with my mom in a little town called Mabank located in Texas.I am 16 years old and my dream is for someone to discover my talent in music. When I write my songs I try to put my real life experiences in the lyrics. I love rap songs that really speak to you.If you can connect with the rappers' lyrics than it's an amazing song. I try to do that and put my whole heart into my songs when I write them.I want to connect with people through my music and be a role model for kids. I think now days kids really need someone to look up to with good morals. Music can change lives, and if I could reach even just one person througfh my music, that would be my deffintion of success. I know it's going to be hard to reach the top but I wont give up until I succeed. If you want something youn have to go for it and fight until it's yours. That's exactly what i plan to do no matter where life takes me. I know god will open doors and bring me to the people I need most. Remember my name, Ashley Amos, because one day In promise you, I'll reach the top.

- Ashley Amos

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