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Ashley Mayhem is an underground composer, musician and sound designer. Itís not easy to categorize his music in terms of genre. The sound is mostly experimental. First, Mayhem used Impulse Tracker (around 1997-1999). He didnít have enough samples and created music via patching all kinds of files and the gamesí sounds. That continued until 2005 when he founded a band called Brainfuck and shifted from Tracker to notes. Having recorded several demos Brainfuck split up by 2007. After that, he returned to making completed musical works. Up to the end of 2008 he tried out many genres such as techno, trance, house, ambient, IDM, 8-bit, drum&bass, and industrial. Since 2009 the musician decided to use all his experience for making the new sound. He released an experimental album ďThe Sound TheoryĒ. At the moment, all music is available on terms of Creative Commons license: CC-BY-NC-SA

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