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Asif is an Indian-born Alternative Artist's who have had an interest in music. His parents gave him a keyboard by the time he was Four. And as he tells it, he was "basically banging while playing with the keyboard or any instrument he could get his hands on"

Some years, he eventually had to be serious about his studies as his ambition then became to be a Surgeon.. Passing his 10th standard Exams ...he would then go on when he met Kape & Achan his two very good friends from College. Meeting them turned out to be a life-changing experience as both Kape & Achan discovered that he had some interest in music too. Kape then urged Asif to make some tracks which he eventually did after resisting it for about a year, and this is how he realized he still loved making music... He now currently studies and music being what he also seems to like, Asif makes whenever he has any idea about it.. Major part being Kape helping him out..


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