Alternative, Pop, Power pop
From: Toronto, ON, Canada

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“…I hated every moment of my life until I picked up a guitar-then everything made sense…”

-Aslun Mann

Aslun Mann is essentially the story of two friends and their shared obsession with music...and a belief in its power to heal. Born in the U.K. Aslun’s earliest years were idyllic. The son of an artist and an engineer his family moved to Canada in the late 1970’s, but he returned to England to attend school. After spending his teenage years in England Aslun returned to Canada to study at Trinity College, University Of Toronto. Though accomplished Aslun's father suffered from a severe manic depressive illness and emotionally Aslun’s childhood was traumatic and filled with heartache. As he himself has said “…it was filled with equal parts violence, misery and privilege.” Aslun eventually gave up a promising academic career to become a full-time songwriter and musician. Aslun’s obsession is music. Pop music. Striving to make music that is daring and ambitious, Aslun has created a big pop sound full of hooks. His songs showcase an impressive pop range from glam to grunge, from anthemic rockers to delicate singer-songwriterly ballads with intense lyrics and rich melodies. Aslun's music is both English and American in feel possessing a truly transatlantic pop sound. His music is simple, compelling and infectious. Classic pop songs which at best become the soundtrack of our lives. A little known fact is that following University Aslun also worked as a visual artist, actor and playwright.

The son of schoolteachers M.J. Harris hails from Whitby, Ontario. His childhood was also a difficult and unhappy one. He moved to Toronto to study animation in the mid 1990’s. A gifted guitarist and visual artist, M.J. met Aslun through a strange and magical set of coincidences and the rapport was instant. M.J. began playing the guitar at age 14. His influences are wide ranging, borrowing from the rich cannon of British and American guitarists, most notably Bernard Butler and Randy Rhodes. A little known fact is that M.J. possesses a near genius I.Q. This probably explains his amazing facility with complex recording equipment.

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