Metal, Hard rock
From: Rosignano Solvay, Italy

Band Members

  • Alessio Mosti - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Vocals.
  • Mike Bertoli - Rhythm and Lead Guitars.
  • Marco Gozzoli - Bass Guitars.
  • Bruce Di Pede - Acoustic and Electronic Drums, Percussions.

About Band

The project “ASTRAS” starts during the year 2002. Alessio Mosti, lead guitar and voice of the band, gives himself another chance with Heavy Metal, after the bad breach with the Italian metal-band Athena, ( no later of publication after the first album ). The new great wish of Alessio is to put together a new band so to create an unconventional musical project. After two years of research, he finds the right elements and the project is ready to start. The formation Alessio Mosti, lead guitar and voice, Mike Bertoli, guitar, Marco Gozzoli, bass and Bruce Di Pede, drums put together some tracks, and along with the collaboration of the Fantasy Writer Almanegra they begin to create the project of Astras. Almanegra writes the words for the lyrics and a short story too, that soon gives the name to the band: “Star in the Chest”, the legend of Astras. The project is to realize an album ( 10-12 tracks ) together with a short book*, that talks about the tale of Astras, a protagonist, who turns to be a demon at first, an angel at second, and finally get his human shape by a strange, unknown Cherokee legend…The band and Almanegra think about a real “Fantasy Saga” in more episodes that are to be read while listening the album. Astras are now searching for someone that could be interested in realise the entire project…or at least the music album by itself. ( * Nowadays, exist only an Italian version of the short book.) Alessio Mosti, (lead vocals and guitar - from Pisa/Tuscany ), he played some years in a metal-band called “Athena”, forming his “musician soul” with the voice Fabio Lione (Rapsodhy) and Matteo Amoroso (drummer in Vision Divine for many years). With Athena he had the first experiences of studio with Pick Up records. After some months, he left the band and went to Milano for five years, to increase his studies. After that, he became more professional and started to work with some important Italian musicians, playing in and out of Italy…at the same time, he started the project with the metal-band “Astras”, “...cause the love for Heavy Metal is stronger than whatever I play together with the other Italian artists…” The rest of the band, don’t work in first in music, but follow their passion and the project by studing and playing Heavy Metal with serious vision. Mike Bertoli (guitar - from Rosignano Solvay) is one of the most creative mind of the band. He began to play the guitar under the protection of Eugene Simone (Eldritch, his first teacher) and for years he has made the web site of the Eldritch, a band witch he is very much in contact with. Marco Gozzoli (Bass - from Castiglioncello) He has a passion for the rock-metal from 70’ and 80’ that give his unique floreal and strong style. He has been part of a rock band from Rosignano Solvay that made two albums and that even whent outside of Italy to play concerts. Bruce Di Pede (drums - from Pisa) is a great follower of the metal style such us Pantera, Metallica and Iron Maiden. He has played in several bands until he found Alessio in 2002 that was looking for components for the metal project Astras. Astras gives his musical influences mainly at the melodic metal from the 80’ and partly from the 90’. The tracks in the concept album are composed mainly in a rock / heavy metal style with signs of power and progressive. In the year 2005, Astras worked at one metal project with an Italian production that unfortunately failed for the bad management of the itself production. In spite of the happen, the band learned to work in studio and to measure their capacity, getting the better from a bad experience.

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