A Time to Stand

A Time to Stand

A Time to Stand

Metalcore, Metal, Hardcore
From: Buffalo, NY, United States

Band Members

  • Tony P - Drums
  • Chris - Guitar
  • Bryan - Vocals
  • Dan - Bass
  • Tom - Guitar

About Band


On the cold, harsh, blue collar streets of Buffalo, NY nothing comes easy. A Time To Stand is a group with mud under their nails and blood covered knuckles. Ready to work as hard as they need to to play just one more show, to write one more song, they put it all on the line nonstop. Composed of five very different but perfectly meshing personalities, the band looks to take their frustrations and passion to drive their vicious songs and incredibly intense performances every night. With a blend of todays hardcore/metal and influences from rock, A Time to Stand brings something everyone likes to the table.


            Front-man Bryan(22) brings his energy and pure adrenaline to the forefront of his lyrics. His vocal style and interaction with the crowd pumps up any venue. Tony P(22), the backbone of the group, pours 100% of himself onto his drum-set every day he breaths, providing seamless support and aggression. Bassist Dan(23) brings the low end to the stage along with a powerful physical presence in his own that makes fans bang their heads and fists with his chugging rhythmic notes. On lead guitar, Tom(24) AKA “Dispatch” runs up and down the frets almost as fast as he crosses from side to side of the stage, being known to jump into the crowd and embrace the brutality he’s creating. Chris(21) on rhythm guitar brings a powerful attitude with every single breakdown and  his playing shakes fans to the core.


A Time To Stand’s message is simple; you make your own breaks. Sometimes you break bones, sometimes you break hearts, and sometimes you break barriers – but in the end your fate is truly your own. Your life is the only one you have, it is a gift. Some are born to submit and accept the daily mediocrity of what they know of as life, others are born to be handed the world on a silver platter and know no struggle. However the rest of us are born to defy and fight for every single inch of what they crave, of what they need. This is A Time to Stand

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