Audible Equinox

Audible Equinox

Audible Equinox

Alternative, Power pop, Rock
From: LaCrosse, WI, United States

Band Members

  • Brady Harlan - Bass/Lead Vocals
  • Jeremy Schafer - Lead Guitar
  • Wes Hallstead - Rhythm Guitar
  • Adam Strack - Drums

About Band

      Hello to everyone who reads this we are a relatively new band LaCrosse Wisconsin. We love music, our influences are mainly: The Ramones, Blink 182, The White Stripes, Anti-Flag, I guess you could say The Offspring, but mainly The Beatles. Our members Brady (spit) Harlan (Bass/Lead vocals) Jeremy Schafer (Lead guitar) Wes Hallstead (Rhythm guitar/Vocals) Adam Strack (Drums.) Our songs our written by Brady Harlan and band practices are usually held at Adams house. Brady is our newest member he joined about eight months ago. We plan to start playing shows again soon and maybe tour. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

      We have six songs: Whats Wrong a medium paced song about the government, Nevermore a grunge sounding song based off of an Edgar Allan Poe poem The Raven, Breathe a slow song about running away at night, and Cassie a progressing song about a girl who is left out. What They Don't Want You To Know a fast song based off the book 1984, and Happy Halloween a song we wrote on Halloween.



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