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I've been fascinated by music technology ever since I played with my uncle's tiny Casio keyboard as a youth. I knew this stuff would be important in my life. While in middle school and high school, I took various piano and voice lessons, along with an electronic music course. I was really into synthesizers, for which the education process was mostly DIY.

When I went to college, I eventually transferred to and graduated from American University with a Bachelor of Science in Audio Technology. I ended up holding day-jobs as an information technology professional of various sorts until 2006, when I decided I'd had enough of that and settled down to work full-time on my music.

Until now, I've been reluctant to volunteer the fact that I'm deaf and have been all my life. I don't want to be judged as "good for a deaf guy". I want my music to be liked for what it is. But after losing so much hearing that not even a powerful, modern hearing aid helped, I got cochlear implants. That seems to have affected my reluctance to speak up about my hearing. Now, I don't care who knows, and in fact I find myself volunteering that information more frequently. My implants have really boosted what I can hear in my mixes, despite their shortcomings (thin bass, for instance). 

I'm currently looking into obtaining a day-job in the recording industry, hopefully as a mix engineer. It will be an interesting experience, both for myself and to see how studios and clients react to having a deaf guy with cochlear implants work on their projects.

I really enjoy what I do. I hope you enjoy my music.

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