Audio In The Pregap

Audio In The Pregap

Audio In The Pregap

Indie, Dance, Rock
From: Houston, TX, United States

Band Members

  • Jonny - Guitar, Vocals
  • D.J. - Guitar
  • Anthony - Bass, Vocals
  • Jacquie - Keyboards, Vocals
  • Charles - Drums

About Band

Audio in the Pregap (n.)--1. A term coined by members of the music industry, used to describe the space before the first track of Compact Discs. It has been typically utilized by various bands to place more music then they have listed on the track list, usually very different from the music on the rest of the album.

2. A band based out of Houston, Texas, founded in 2007, consisting of former members of .belville and The Oots, as well as other like minded musicians. Sound can be describe as a mix of Indie/Dance/Rock, utilizing guitars, drums, synthesizers, electronics, bass, and various other instruments.

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