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Auramance was founded by GJR, better known as Scott Weaver, in 2009. Auramance released an instrumental version of Addiction which was well received by various DJ's, Artists, and what would soon become Auramance's fans. Despite the promising start it had only gone from bad to worse. Spite and Sinister had joined Auramance as Live Synths and Vocals, although personal issues rapidly got in the way and Sinister had left the Auramance team.

All was quiet as Scott & V3 continued to work on completing tracks. Finally, the track Nomad was written and was uploaded instantly with vocals. Again, this was well received and caught the interest of several DJ's and the fanbase grew. Both felt positive felt positive and was beginning to understand the direction of Auramance.

It was 2013 when Scott announced that Spite had departed the Auramance team. Scott was devastated and turned his emotion into music as the track For What It's Worth was written. A series of heavy kicks with harsh Synths and various wasps, all brought together with a death ending bass line. A few months went by, and Spite had reappeared only this time under the name V3.

2014 brought the news everyone had been waiting for; the additional members of Damien (DJ) and Barney (Live Drums) had been announced by Scott. It was exciting and Scott knew he had to get the productions finished and Vocals laid down and ready for public hearing.

As quickly as they arrived, they also left. V3 quit Auramance after Scott mentioned a lack of dedication on V3's part and plans started again to build a live set team. Shortly after this however, Damien confessed he could not grant Auramance the attention it needed and left. Towards the end of 2014 Barney had then left due to personal disagreements with Scott regarding Auramance's direction.

This was it, Scott had all but given up hope. Then in December 2014 Scott had laid rough vocals down on Through My Eyes and Like Clockwork. "Initially it was to see what Auramance may have sounded like in the future" Scott admitted, but that only reignited the fire and he uploaded both to the site.

"Auramance had taken too long to get off the ground and I was starting to worry whether it was too late now" said Scott. "When you're somebody following a band or solo artist and no new content is heard, you start to wonder whether they're already dead. I tried to throw instrumentals up but I knew people would start to grow tired of it, so I had to do something about it. People expect a reaction from their feedback" he continued.

The tracks were receiving good feedback from fans and fellow artists alike, and Scott turned his attention to preparing an album titled Through My Eyes, which was a reference to Scotts earlier days and the Auramance history.

Auramance is still seeking live members, and plans to have a team ready for live shows in 2016 comprising of a DJ, Vocals, Synths, and drums. "This way true energy can be brought to venues with us, and dispersed throughout the audiences" Scott said.

Through My Eyes is schedule for release in November 2015, although a comprehensive track list is still anticipated by fans. However, several Tracks have already been confirmed such as Nomad, Addiction, and Through My Eyes. Scott confirmed that Like Clockwork would NOT feature on Through My Eyes.

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