Austin James Schock

Austin James Schock

Austin James Schock

Acoustic, Pop
From: Rapid City, SD, United States

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I'm Sixteen.

I Never Wanted To Be An Artist. I Never Wanted Fall In Love With Music. But It Happened Anyways. Everyday I Walk Through My Life, And I Realize That The Smallest Things Create Music. Running Up A Flight Of Stairs Holding Your Car Keys, And It Turns Into A Magnificent 2/4 Percussion Beat, And When You Add In Your Footsteps Banging The Stairs, It Becomes Obvious That Life Isn't As Black And White As People Say, But Full Of Vibrant Notes, Schemes, And Rifts Never Heard, And When I Think Of How I Can Arrange These Askew Harmonies, These Scattered Percussions, And Misplaced Voices, I Realize That Maybe I'm Not Doing This Because I Want To. Maybe It's My Job. What I Was Born To Do.

At The Moment My Music Isn't That Complex, Not That Great. Some People Ask Me, Where Do You Record? What Equipment Do You Use? And What Programs You Use. Well When I Tell Them That My First Ever Song Was Recorded On Wavepad, And I Was Playing A Fake Little Piano On An Ironing Board With About 10 Keys, Recording My "Beautiful" Melodies Into A Official Standard Wal-Mart Hand Me Down Mic. They Understand That I Don't Have A Rich Recording Studio, Or Lyric Writers, Or Someone Sything Beats For Me. I Just Have Myself, And I'm Trying To Make It Work. My Music Has Greatly Increased In Quality And Listening Experience. Why You Ask? Ha, I've Moved My Recording To My Bathroom. I'm No Bohemian, But I Sure Like To Act Like One.

Writing Music Is More Than Slapping Words Together That Sound Cool, Or Writing About Bitches, Hoes, And Crack Whores. To Me It's About Making People Feel Something Through My Music. I Don't Wanna Sound The Same As Anyone Else. I Don't Wanna Do The Same Things, Or Make Myself Seem Commercialized. I Just Wanna Be Austin James Schock. When I Write A Song, I Drag In Real Life Events, Books, Movies, People I've Met, Or Recent Dreams I've Had. You Can Give Me Any Topic And I Can Write A Song. Hell, I Can Even Sing You A Song Right Then And There About Your Song, And Improv. The Whole Song On My 1998 Casio. Writing Is More Than Arranging, It's Believing That This Song Will Impact At Least One Person, One Soul.

I Don't Wanna Be Famous. I Mean, Sure It Would Be Great. I've Always Wanted To Be A Big Singer, With Millions Of Fans, And Number One Hits, And Interviews, And To Meet My Idols. But The Truth Is I Can Only Dream. Some Days I Believe I Will Be, But Other Days I Realize That It's Quite A Distant Dream. Fame? Why Would I Want To Be Famous? So I Could Change The World, Leave My Mark On It. Money? Well Money Is An Amazing Thing, But That's Not All It's About. If I Ever Got Signed, I Wouldn't Have To Be Paid Very Much, I Mean Obviouslly A Little, But Not As Much As Normal Artists. I Would Rather Be Able To Stand On A Stage And Give People One Kick-Ass Performance.

The Bottom Line: I Wanna Change The World With My Art And Music.

If You Wanna Talk, Comment My Myspace, Contact My Personal Myspace, Or Send Me A Message.

My Name Is,
Austin James Schock.

And Yours Is Not.

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