New-Wave, Indie
From: Jakarta - Bekasi, Indonesia

Band Members

  • Gandhi - Vocal 1
  • Asty - Vocal 2
  • Fery - Bass
  • Agni - Drum
  • mitha - keyboard
  • hanif - synthesizer & programing
  • Indra - guitar

About Band


BOY LONDON is a band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Boy London line up is contain college student from ; Bina Nusantara University Jakarta, Trisakti University Jakarta, and Gunadarma University Jakarta. BOY LONDON was established since 2004, started from discussion by 4 ( four ) people which became a first formation of Boy London, there are ; Fery ( Bass ), Essa ( Vocal ), Riri ( Guitarist ), Sawi ( keyboard ) which location took place in south Jakarta. Finally they decided to commit in a band which at that time we gave our band name My Name Is Carlizt and also we prefer NEW WAVE Music as a basic of our music. In last 2004, helped by Hanif (additional synthesizer & keyboard) he is a member of band which called The Faster. At that time we produced our first single which title Lantai Dansa ( Dance Floor) . Lantai dansa is belong in compilation album which tittle is Sound Of Indie Compilation Album with another band such as ; MolenVliet, Dikeroyok Wanita, Jhon The King, The Stories, Gunting Kuku, etc. In February 2005, we had to changed our name into BOY LONDON , the name came from when at the moment we saw a shirt which contain Boy London name, we preferred this name not only cause its unique name but also we had strong influence by British New Wave band such ; English Beat, New Order, etc. today we had to think to change our band name soon. In May 2005, we performed our single ( Lantai dansa ) to public in Quarantined Event as Featuring which organized by College student from Indonesia University, at that time Essa ( Vocal ) cant performed because of one reason. Finally we took gandi as additional vocalist & Tio additional drum to help us performed and the show was success. In June 2005, Lantai Dansa was air played in Indonesian radio, Mtv On Sky 101.4 FM in event which they called MTV Cutting Edge In last August 2005, Riri & Sawi decided to out From Boy London, Finally We took indra ( Guitar ), Mitha ( Keyboard ), Agni ( as New Drum ) to join with us in Boy London. At the same time we Boy London Changed its music style, now we mix New Wave & Rock n Roll as Our new Music Style. The changed was happen because in the middle august we took Gandi ( ex-vocalist Candy Floss band ) who influence by Duran-Duran, Depeche Mode, Elvis Costello, David Bowie, The Strangles and Stone Roses, to join with us as vocal to accompany Essa, after we think her voice better in Rock N Roll than New Wave Music Because she has strong influence by Siouxsie and the banshees, Martha Davis from The Motels, Led Zeppelin, Jonis Joplin, Lita Ford, ACDC, The Doors. So we decided to mix Rock N Roll and New Wave music because of the different style voice between Gandi & Essa. in january 2006 we took asti as new vocalist to changed essa.asti comes bring some romantics atmosphere and it gives a big influencue to our band. Now We just to finish our E.P Album, hope we can produce a good music.


MUMUW    :  +628567165651 /  Yahoo Messenger ID : myaw_mu

FERY         :  +6285691533200

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