Awaking State

Awaking State

Awaking State

Electronica, Alternative, Rock
From: Toronto, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Kent "DS-1" Martell - Project Mastermind/Vocals/Guitars/Programming
  • Jairo Lopez - Drums
  • Matt Kelly - Keyboards
  • Vanessa D'arpino - Bass Guitar

About Band

Awaking State is fast on the upswing and their innovative sound blends the best of electronica, hard rock, industrial and drum ‘n’ bass into a new genre-bending style.

Awaking State was founded by Kent “DS-1” Martell, having originally cut his chops as a Drum and Bass DJ and Producer in the late nineties, Kent first signed with legendary, internationally-acclaimed Drum and Bass label Furious Records in 2000. Through this conduit, Kent released several dark electronic records, and established himself as one of Canada’s top underground artists.

Kent found himself delving into further musical experimentation by fusing electronic music with aggressive rock.  In 2005, Kent entered in and was soon after declared the winner of Toronto’s EDGE 102.1 Nine Inch Nails Remix Contest’. His remix of NIN’s “Only” received critical praise, extensive club play, and chart-topping success. This success led to an eventual meeting with NIN visionary Trent Reznor, and planted the seed for what would become Awaking State.

It was now time to assemble the band. Kent began writing songs while simultaneously hunting for band-members who shared his vision.

Together, with the creative leadership of Kent and the undying drive of the collective, they mix rock, industrial, and electronic elements that fans can’t stop humming and singing. Awaking State continues to condense stadium-sized energy and charisma into a concentrated blast of sonic and visual mayhem at their performances. Crowds frequently disperse after Awaking State’s performance's, because, well, fans only have so much energy to spend.

The music of Awaking State can easily grace the airwaves of any radio station, but their distinctive sound and edginess separate them from the cookie-cutter, mainstream bands that have kept music stale for far too long. There is no band more determined to systematically tear down the walls that have been put up and burn the global stage to the ground.

Kent "DS-1" Martell - Lead Vocals and Guitar
Adam Perrin - Guitar
Jairo Lopez - Drums
Matt Kelly - Piano/ Synth

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