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I've been producing for 4 years.  Initially it was purely Trance, but now it's become much more.  Rockstep (dubstep + rock) Trance, electronic rock, orchestral rock, drum n' bass, and dubstep fill my repertoire of production styles.  Although I'm not entirely proficient in all of them =P  Some I'm still very new to but I felt it was fair to include them in here as they're what I aim to produce. 

I'm heavily influenced by people that take a genre and make it their own whether in one way or another as well as the exceptional artists in their specific musical expression.  It may not always be the music they make, but the fact that they've dared to do something innovative and unique.  Artists like Celldweller, Blue Stahli, Skrillex, Detective Fingerling, The Maniac Agenda, Juno Reactor and Erik Norlander all inspire and motivate me to twist the words genre and style as much as I can.  Blow my mind with something you've done and I'll be your next fan.

If you're interested in future collaborative work or just have a question (or multiple questions) about my work, shoot away!  I'm completely open to inquiring minds.

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