Metal, Progressive, Death Metal
From: TEHRAN, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Band Members

  • Soheil Olfat - Music,Lyrics,Arrangement,Guitars
  • Mohammad Soleimani (new) - Bass guitar
  • Kasra Momeni - Lead guitar
  • Babak Farrokhi - Music,Lyrics,Vocals
  • Shahin Effatian (new) - Drums

About Band

           New Album; "Lucifer: Annihilated." Now Available On CDBABY, ITUNES and... AMAZON.

30 years old Heavy Metal guitar player and Composer SOHEIL OLFAT, was born in Tehran, Iran. He began his career as Rock and Heavy Metal musician in 2000, just as he bought his first electric guitar.

He would compose songs as he was testing himself in different Rock and Metal sub-genres. He got trained for about 2 years by Norik Misakian, truely the greatest electric guitar player in Iran, and also Farzad Fakhreddini in Tehran Conservatory.

He's inspired by Metallica, Therion, Six Feet Under, Symphony X, Cradle Of Filth, Night Wish, Slipknot, Iced Earth, Tool, Anathema, Disturbed, Rammstein, SOAD and etc.

BABAK FARROKHI, the one who formed the band AZHIROCK was born in 1982 in Tehran. He began his career as a classic guitar player and then he found himself  a  Maggot !  

He was trained by Norik Misakian also. When Soheil was introduced to Azhirock by Norik, Babak and Ali (the former bass player) were working on bunch of  tracks for their demo album-now it's entitled Sacred Inferno.

Babak sings both clean and death growl..., English and Persian... and is still working on newer styles of singing. He's interested in Nu-Metal, Thrash Metal, Metalcore, Progressive Metal and Death Metal and is inspired by James Hetfield (Metallica), Corey Taylor (Slipknot) and Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden).

October 2009, Kasra Momeni joined the band as lead guitar player to play solos in songs Unnecessarily alive, Parade Of Animality and Shadow Of Faith. The month after, Hossein Salehi was invited as bass player and played in two songs; Parade Of Animality and Shadow Of Faith.

Now AZHIROCK has finished its debut album: "Lucifer: Annihilated." It's going to be labeled and released by Bamahang Productions (Babak Khiavchi).

August 2010, Azhirock appears in a documentary about Rock in Iran, named Rock On! Directed by Shahyar Kabiri.

December 2011, Azhirock tested itself in 3 international Metal fests, Highland Metal Fest in Armenia, Metal Heads' Mission in Ukraine and Unirock fest in Turkey. Making songs for an EP is the next stage for Azhirock boys! 

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