Hip-Hop, Gospel, Rap
From: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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My stage name is AZIAM.  It stands for As I Am because through the course of my life, starting with the good, growing into the bad and finally turning straight up ugly, experiencing everything from the "silver spoon" to a taste of the grimey streets I was eventually offered the opportunity to enter in.  In the midst of my blindness, when I was seeking and devouring drugs, money and women, an older lady invited me into her church and I accepted the invite.  About a month later, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and shortly after, my heart began to change and so followed my ways of life.  Not because I was told to, but because I understood what the Love of God meant and I allowed it to infiltrate my spirit.  I say "As I Am" because I believe you start reconnecting back with your creator in the place you currently are, no need to change yourself, no need to be fake, come as you are and God will do the rest, right by your side.  I make my music hopefully according to the will of God Almighty who inspires the lyrics Himself.  Music is POWERFUL, and although many artists feel the need to express the drama they see and survive, I strive to use my struggles as the beginning, and end my conversation/story/lyrics/songs with the SOLUTION or the way to avoid what I've been through.  I want rap to be something I can share with my kids, not something that I hide from them.  Oh by the way, I'm not from Canada, but I reside here temporarily.  I spent the majority of my maturing years in Dover, Delaware with a strong family connection in NY, NJ, and PA. 

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