Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop
From: Gainesville, FL, United States

Band Members

  • Young "The Prince" - Rapper/Producer
  • Scat "The Boss" - Rapper

About Band

When asked what hip-hop song first inspired him, Young replies "It wasn't more or less a song that got me rapping but I was a real Tupac head when I was younger. Listening to what Pac did made me want to get into this rap thing."
Can you remember the last time hip-hop inspired you? Tupac died ten years ago, Biggie soon followed and after that memories of inspirational hip-hop get a little fuzzy. For Scat it was Kris Kross' Jump. "Yeah, that had to be it," he retorts.
The current state of hip-hop seems to be a hot topic for everyone. What happened to the art form that was so powerful that a cipher was all you needed to settle an escalated beef? Have we forgotten our roots? Has hip-hop lost its way? Can we rediscover Slick Rick's stories, Pac's intensity, or Luke's bass? Or was Nas right when he gave hip-hop its eulogy last year? Not the way these two gentlemen see it. Hip-hop is well on its way back to health if its left to the care of Young and Scat.
The cousins came together in 2000 to make history and the powerhouse group Az Iz. At the ages of 20 and 28 the group intends to gut punch the game so hard it will have you" Like Uh" which is the befitting title of their hit single. Young was born in Lawton, Oklahoma but raised in Gainesville, FL and is currently pursuing his degree in Business Administration on scholarship. Scat was born and raised in Gainesville, Fl and is an alumni of Florida A & M University where he majored in Criminal Justice. Not the usual profiles for hip-hop legends right? Well, maybe what the game needs is a little fresh insight.
"Being in a college town you hear a lot of different types of music within itself," explains the duo, "However, at the same time Gainesville has its gutter side. We rap about things that we are experiencing, have experienced, and will experience running the streets of Gainesville, Fl. Everybody around here has their own sound. But we make music for the clubs as well as the streets because we deal with both."
Az Iz's mission statement is simple. To be hip-hop's best rap duo period. And at a time where being a one hit wonder is a noted aspiration the game may not be prepared for what the group is about dish out.
"The thing that separates us the most from a lot of artists in the game it that we make real music," boasts Az Iz, "We make music that you're going to feel in your heart, whether you're a street cat or not. Right now the rap game is hurting. Nobody seems to make real music anymore. Record labels are signing those dudes who don't have the potential to stand in the game. Everybody is making these one-time dance songs that won't sell records and are no good once another dance comes along. You listen to an "Az Iz" album, its rocking from the first song to the last. You'll forget there's even a skip button on your CD player. "

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