Hardcore, Rock, Alternative
From: capac/imlay, MI, United States

Band Members

  • Adi - Vox/Guitar
  • Boyd - Bass
  • "Moses" - Drums

About Band

Wellcome To The Band Azlaiha's Profile. We are a starter band consisted of three members. Adi - Guitar and Lead Vocals, Boyd - Bass Guitar and "Moses" - Drums and Backup Vocals!! The members of the band have been in multiple bands together all spawned from our first band 3 Ways to Win. Where we started when Boyd was the singer, but things didnt work out that way for long. Then we received another singer for 3 Ways to Win. We then got rid of the guitarist of that band and became Our Visions End. Where Boyd came back as our other guitarist, and a bassist Lee Peters (aka Pee Liters), but once again we lost another singer and our beloved bassist due to collage reasons. Boyd then played bass when we received a guitarist named Joz. Where he came up with the bands now name, Azlaiha. He started collage and couldnt be in the band anymore, but we asked, and he gave us permission, to keep the name, and thats how the band before you came to be. We are a mix of Alt Rock with a lil Screamo. We live for and enjoy music and all it supplies for us. We also respect and enjoy all local and unsigned bands, because they get out there do their thing, try to change the world with Musical Fusion and have fun! {Which we think music is all about anyways!!} So enjoy our music as we would enjoy yours and remember to have fun with it!! (Ours and Your Music That Is)

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