Azreal Productions

Azreal Productions

Azreal Productions

Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: Detroit, MI, United States

Band Members

  • Azreal - Rapper
  • King C - Rapper
  • Queen B - Singer
  • Charles Ruby - CEO
  • Brittany Ruby - CFO
  • Adam Priestley - Founder
  • Kyle Neddo - Beat Master, VP of Productions

About Band

Solo artist, fresh to the game, I hail from the suburbs of Detroit Michigan. I am currently in Farmington Hills, a suburb that's roughly 30 minutes from Detroit, 20 minutes from Pontiac. I do solo rapping, and go by the name of Azreal. I get many of my influences from many current talents, such as Jay Z- for his dedication to the arts and the game. Diddy to be one of the best ones out there. Twista, for his skills and his dedication to the place he's from. I give many thanks for the white men whom give a guy like me the chance to make it in the industry, such as Vanilla Ice and Eminem. Ice, I thank you for being one of the few who saw that talent was color blind. Em, I thank you for being the biggest asset to the game, being not a cookie cutter the industry has seen as of lately. I give mad props to the old school rappers, like Ice T; a man whom has shown that being a gangsta rapper has many facets to one person. To the two biggest rappers in the whole industry, Biggie Smalls, and Tupac Shakur, I give you much respect. Although they beefed alot, they both where the best rappers in their own rights, coming up from the ghetto, to being thought of even after they both died.

Solo artist, killa of the game, and I hail from Detroit for reals. I am currently residing in the suburbs, in a city called Pontiac. I do solo rapping, duet rythym and blues, and go by the name King C. I take many influences for my music, but my main influence is Lil Wayne. His southern flows, and his swagger is what I truely love to emmulate. If I say so my self, I feel as though we are kin folk, like family. Like a lost son to a great father. I have a wife, she's my anchor to my well being. She's the angel God final sent to me for being so faithful to Him. She's the wind beneath my wings, she's my everything, as corny that may sound, its true. She sings as well, and goes by the name Queen B. Don't let the monacher fool you, she knows how to through down when the time calls for it. I should say this, and only once, don't fucks with her. Point blank.


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