Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: Tshamahansi, South Africa

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AZZLE MAJOB is a South African celebrity'his record label named D.B RECORDS which means DROP BEAT studio.he is a famous artist that make's a good music.he started rapping since the age of 13 in primary school then he became famous when performing with some of South African celebrities then he made his professional studio.AZZLE MAJOB represent his home town Moktown and his records label D.B RECORDS.his doing this for his family not for his enemies and he have many fans(masetshego,prudence an otherz).his school mates (Hope,Reentse,charlies,thabo,johanna,sedima an others)likes him to perform on the school bashes to intertain them becouse they know that AZZLE MAJOB music always rock.his first song is catch the crime ft his friend mizzy that produced by his uncle Rehenga.AZZLE MAJOB's family likes music'his uncle is an artist of traditional music,his brother sings gospel then AZZLE MAJOB choosed to be a hiphop artist.AZZLE MAJOB was performing at Mokopane ext19 taxi rank with other rappers on hiphop session street bash.AZZLE means unstopable thing that cant stay in a same lame place because it get connect with this celeb{AZZLE MAJOB} you can call 0790527912.AZZLE MAJOB's play list of The Deadment 2 alburm (1)INTRO (2)DOPE FLY (3)BACK AGAIN (4)DROP THE THORNS (5)THEY HATE ME (6)SWAGGA (7)KILLER M.C (8)DROP THE SHIT (9)TSHAMAHANSI (10)SWAGGA{remix} BACK AGAIN LYRICS _CHORUS_{nicky} back again man we back again yo back again nigger back again ok _VERSE 1_{azzle} man i gat a nice beat with ma rich raps f ck i gat the money but i gat no chicks unstopable raps man thats azzle you can dizz me but you cnt beat me nice dargy girls realy call me m.c dope boys raps nigger gat full swagga talk a bullsh t homie i be silly you cant catch me homie i do it realy dope boys squard man we killing those niggers listen to ma voice ladies i aint change it ma words are thorns you can beleave it talk a bullsh t man im going in niggers you know what i mean im keep on rapping any time me and nicky we the dope boys forever _CHORUS_{nicky} back again man we back again yo back again nigger back again ok _VERSE 2_{nicky} man i make it big the clock is ????niggers this is nicky niggers who do ever thought that hez a guy like me straight from the hood can get this good when i make my action i flow like an ocean nigger thats my motion yew better be carefull is gona get painfull im getting so succesful ma nigga you ar pointless you are so careless straight useless im getting so fantastic yew tragic so perthetic you made it personally im going internationally im gona get it real nigger killing it for real like a milliondollerbill you make together this nicky nigger for manigger out _CHORUS_{nicky} back again man we back again yo back again nigger back again ok INTRO LYRICS *INTRO* VERSE 1:{AZZLE MAJOB} ma words double up so i call it nightmares homies arround me speak about the whatsap yeah we rolling we rock untill they drop tracks ma place need me so i be the president they say im rapping so slowly and i know that so what i do i just turn the music up let me turn it up yeah!!!!!im goin in now rap,write,rhyme,run ma mind getting originally im living so harder and im owning ma place the life im living iam a gangstar me we crashing the bank we stealing the money we doing all things none stoping now we trynna be the best of the bester im better no metter ma leather ah the money we gat it we use it to pay here manigger go get me im harder than yew

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