Bad News

Bad News

Bad News

Rock, Funk, Alternative
From: Cambridge, MA, United States

Band Members

  • Greg - rhythm guitar
  • Ram - drums
  • Joe - trumpet
  • Adam - lead guitar
  • Paul - bass
  • Raechel - vocals

About Band

Bad News, based in Cambridge, MA, has evolved over time from an instrumental band formed in the summer of ’05.  However, it wasn’t until January ’07 that they completed their sound by adding a vocalist.  With spicy beats from Ram on drums, funky bass lines from Paul, shredding solos from lead guitarist Adam, beautiful harmonies from guitarist Greg, vibrant lines from trumpet player Joe, and soulfully sweet melodies from their singer Raechel, this band has a unique mix that can’t miss .

Musically talented and able to write complex progressions in varying styles, you'll never get bored with their sound. In addition to playing driving rock songs, such as “Kuato,” this band is able fuse rock with multiple genres in meaningful ways.  With songs ranging from the upbeat “Funk Rings” to the bluesy “Lil Bow Wow” and the Spanish sounding “9th Street Latinas,” their sound runs the gamut and keeps you entertained.

Bad News is now beginning to make a name for themselves in the Boston music scene, playing in venues such as Harper's Ferry, the Paradise Lounge, Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, Copperfield's, King’s Lounge, Good Times Emporium and the Bulfinch Yacht Club to a constantly growing fan base.  Keep an eye out for this band as they continue to put on energetic live shows and prepare for the upcoming release of their debut album.

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