Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul
From: Hyattsville, MD, United States

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As they say, a true rebel with & without a cause. Banditblack is basically always about education, learning what he can and applying it. Ignorance is not key to anything. Hailing from the city of Brotherly Love Philadelphia Banditblack grew up listening to the sounds of old R & B, Neo-Soul, and most importantly old school Hip-hop.

Hip-hop, when you express what’s on your mind and make sure your words and rhymes are clear and cut to understand.

Working with friends and colleagues Banditblack began writing poems and poetry to help build his vocabulary and imagination. Through which he helped others to write songs and lyrics for local gigs and gatherings from South Philly to DC/MD. Banditblack performed live a few times collaborating with local underground talent to not just help build himself but those around him involve with music.

Banditblack went to the school of Omega Studios to learn how to better produce and to finally bring his style of music & hip hop to more people eyes and ears. Upon completing his stay at Omega he began working on his 1st single "Hold Me Down", featuring a new voice and talent to the Neo-Soul stage D'ar Angel, which slowly became a popular hit still to this day for many listeners. Partnering and producing D'ar and other unknown talents, Banditblack began building his portfolio which started a home made label BPE, Inc(TM). Bandit's goal is to prove that anyone with talent can make it w/o jumping through hoops or the usual mainstream companies/labels. Presently Banditblack have been working behind the scene producing new artist & tracks with a local all-star cast like D'ar Angel, etc. So look out for this new flavor to the musical world as the BPE few continues to work hard to reach out to our current and future listeners with more hit tracks. Know that Banditblack aims to be a professional, but will always be Banditblack – The Student.

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