Basically Complicated

Basically Complicated

Basically Complicated

From: Wausau, WI, United States

Band Members

  • Alex Bessette - Acoustic
  • Dylan Kallin - Drums, Lead Vocals, Keyboard
  • Brandon Roberts - Bass, acoustic, electric, vocals

About Band

The song, "Breakdown", isn't by us, but it IS a song we’re working on, and it’s the same genre of music we like to play.Basically Complicated was put together by my best friend Alex Bessette and myself, Brandon Roberts. We were originally going to do acoustic duets, but before we started them, we asked one of my friends, Dylan Kallin, to join us. Dylan is an impressive drummer for his age, and he’s a way better singer than I am, so he is now our drums, lead vocals, and keyboard.

I have been playing bass since the fifth grade, and I am above the level of most my age. Alex has been playing acoustic for about 6 months, and you can definitely see his daily improvements in the short amount of time he’s been playing, he has talent. Dylan Has always been really talented at musical instruments. He has written several songs on piano and guitar, and that’s an honorable accomplishment considering the fact that he can’t read music.

The three of us are just starting high school, and we don't have much experience playing shows. We ask that you give us a chance and don't be too hard on us, we’ll do our best not to disappoint. We’ve only been playing together for a short time, so hopefully you enjoy "I Don't Care", and we’ll try to keep them coming!

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