Hard rock, Metal, Psychedelic
From: Windsor, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Craig Matthieu - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
  • Colin Cooper - Vocals/Lead Guitar
  • Chris Lorenc - Drums

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About Band


We call our band BattleScars because our songs always come from the heart, and tend to deal with some scarring issues. Though they may not be true events, they always stem from something that has directly effected us. We write songs about what we feel and for ourselves.

We started in math class (grade 10), when Colin passed Craig some incomplete lyrics he wrote. Craig wrote a few lyrics to follow and passed it back.This song would later be known as Asylum. From then on they've been writting music. The first complete song Craig and Colin wrote together was Life's a Bitch. From there we went on to write their fist album The Great Depression. They named it so because the songs were written when were both member we're dealing with times of trouble. The two of them recorded 10 songs on Colin's home computer, therefore quality and performance is very low. Though this was recorded without drums, they believed this could really get things started for them.

This album is now refered to as The Great Demo, as the songs for that album have been spilt up between the two disks of their double album of two titles. The Great War is the first of the double album and The Great Depression is the second. Along with the double album a three EPs will be avaiable. Each EP will have different lists of songs from both disks of the double album.They will be titled The Great Demo - version #1 (Craig's selection), The Great Demo - version #2 (Colin's selection), and The Great Demo - version #3 (Chris' selection).

Just newly added to the line up is Chris (a drummer Craig met at college). He is really excited to start really pounding out some songs and jump into some shows in the area.

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