Bazz Massive

Bazz Massive

Bazz Massive

Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap
From: Uitkijk, Suriname

Band Members

  • Choco - Rapper
  • Young Smith - Rapper
  • Link - Singer/Rapper
  • Eggy - Rapper

About Band

Bazz Massive is een rap group in Suriname. Choco, who's parents are from haiti, and Young Smith who was born in haiti came up with the idea to open a rap group. They later found Link and Eggy who wanted to join them. Bazz Massive is a haitian name that Choco and Young Smith came up with. "Bazz" means a crew in Creol (the haitian language) and "Massive" means massive. So it means "Massive Crew". They aren't the best crew in Suriname, but there talent is. Cause Bazz Massive has the first hairian singer in Suriname. Stay tuned!!!!

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