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  When Bailey's mother was anounced pregnant, his father, John Livingston left us to be on thier own.   Bailey was born at the Simcoe General Hospital, on march 23, 1993.  He was born with the embylicol cord tightly wrapped around his throat.  His face was a color of bright blue when he came out of the whomb.  The doctor's expected him to be born dead, or with severe down syndrome.  But mirraculasly he made it and was realsed after well examination. 
     At 5 years of age Bailey's cousin's were killed in a house fire.  To this day he still loves them as family even though thier dead.  Up to age 8, Bailey was raised in Port Dover Ontario, Canada.  Afterwards he and his mother moved to Simcoe Ontario, Canada.  Just 15 minutes away from his home town.  Where he started in a new school, which closed after the school year.  Then later became the NYCA (Norfolk Youth Childrens Association).  He was then transfered to Elgin Ave. Public School, where he attended 5 years.  During of which he made a maximum of 5 friends.  All other students ither made fun of him or beat him untill he was in tears, or couldn't get back up.  Than when he started to fight back, the teachers, principal and vice-principal said "The fights are all Bailey's fault".  Every time Bailey got into a fight the teacher/principal would not punish the other student(s).  They would just punish Bailey, after putting up with this for 1 1/2 years.  Bailey begain to rebel and yell, swear and try to upset the teacher's and principal's.  Which worked well to his delight. Bailey started making music using Ejay's Hip Hop 4. After 6 weeks of making music he received an email from his ex-girlfriend stating his friend had committed suicide. Which was true, he has yet to dedicate a song or insturmental to her. On Christmas Day of 07, his neighbor hung himself. So Bailey made, and dedicated 'It's A Sad Christmas' to the son of his neighbor. Life and love could be worse for Bailey, he knows this is true. For around two years 2007-10 Bailey has had communication with Derrick A. They have been making music for a few years.  Bailey still administors his own pages on and  He's made over 260 Instrumentals and 20 Songs, He's only published a few of them.

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