Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: boy town, WI, United States

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Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois; Bear always knew he had talent and a love for music.  It wasn't always rap, it  actually stemmed from singing in church and talent shows.  At age 8 his parents were separated and his life took a turn to the streets shortly there after.  At 13, he was living completely on his own feeding off the street life.  By the age of 18 he already had two sons born.  One week after his second son was born an unbelievable tragedy occured.  His Junior passed away at the age of only 18 months old.  This made Bear turn to the streets even harder.  Hustling day and night, not caring about any consequences that would soon come.  The streets caught up with him and he ended up going back and forth to prison over the next 6 years.  During his time in prison he turned back to music and it was there that it became his passion.  Bear took all of his hardships and experiences and used these for the lyrics that would soon be heard and respected by many.After gaining street credibility from his life driven rhymes,this amped him up even more to be heard by millions.  In late 2005, Bear had another great loss; his sister who was only 31 years old passed away due to cancer.  After this he left the street life completely behind him but never would he forget where he came from.He is now putting everything he has into his music,which has gained him a nice fan base.He definately is a voice to be heard,so check him out and let him know what you think.     

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