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BeatKid …”one incredibly hot multi-talent” – As a recording artist, producer, songwriter and engineer this kid is taking the world and music industry by storm….With his brand new self titled album he is going to make his major mark and platinum hit writing well known…

Born and raised in the magic city of Miami, BeatKid has spent nearly his entire life producing music.  At a mere 8 years old and with his grandmother’s premonition of a future music star she bought him his first keyboard (with around 300 dollars which at that time was a lot of money) as a birthday gift from an old department store called “Lauria’s” that was located on the infamous Bird Rd. and 87th Ave.  Even at this young age and with no formal training, BeatKid was dubbing tracks he was playing over other tracks he was laying before he even knew what the word dubbing meant.  He cites….“I knew I wanted to make music but never knew what that was as an occupation.  I just knew I loved and wanted to do what I was doing for a living.”  

Not coming from a wealthy family by any means, BeatKid had to use what he had around him.  After years of talent shows in middle and high school and a short stint at a local college BeatKid needed to make money and at that time, Miami was empty back then when it came to recording the type of music he was making.  He remembers, “Most studios were only recording rock, latin and other styles of music which wasn’t really my boat.  Finding a producing or engineering full time job back then was like finding a needle in a hay stack.  The only people doing anything similar was 2 Live Crew, Poison Clan, and a few people like that and they pretty much did everything themselves.” 

So to survive on his own, BeatKid had to hustle whatever he could (no comment).  But this wasn’t the end of his musical journey….He cites, “I remember like it was yesterday, Guru flying into Miami every month or so and me flying to his house in NY.  I was so close with this cat he used to crash in my living room even though he had a nice hotel…We would party so hard from the night before he didn’t give a sh….”  After about a year or so Guru could see the growth in BeatKid’s music and asked him to give him some of his tracks to write to.  Of course BeatKid said ok.  Next thing you know BeatKid and Guru are out at a local studio recording.  The engineer that happened to be handling the sessions at the time was none other than the guy you all know now as industry platinum producer Jim Jonsin…

As their music started to be heard in NY by many of Guru’s associates and record label, the NY vs. Miami type sh… started to be the main topic of conversation.  At this time in Hip-Hop you need to remember, there was not one real Hip-Hop producer from Miami to have a hit on radio, billboard, etc.  Cool n Dre were unisgned/underground and so was everyone else who came after, DJ Khaled, etc.  Many of the tracks Guru and BeatKid did together are still in BeatKid’s catalog….As time passed. Guru went on to keep recording with Gangstarr, his group with DJ Premier and later his own label 7 Grand Records and BeatKid started his own productions, producing local artists in Miami with his own stable of artists and some features with artists like Pitbull before he had a major deal, Garcia when he went by a completely different moniker, P-Doe who is now Krs One’s hype man on tour and a bunch of other talented individuals.  After years of “putting in work” as his single states, BeatKid has now become a naturally grown recording artist as well as being able to produce his own great music…He knew his hard work, ethic and most importantly his belief in GOD would one day pay off…

Well folks, that day is now and BeatKid has become the ultimate multi-talent…an artist, songwriter, producer, engineer, this kid can do it all.  He can walk into any studio in the world completely by himself and walk out with a hit record with not one ounce of help or guidance from any person, writer, musician, nobody!  Talk about skills…He says “After all these years, I have basically become this all in one package.  Other than my own work, any type of artist out there can call me up and I can come in and give them whatever their looking for.”

 In 2010, Guru aka Keith Elam had passed away and BeatKid started to remember all the great times they had with music and hanging together.  And how he knew this was his destiny  “told many times by Guru he was a musical prodigy”…..  So on a fateful night in late 2010, where an artist was supposed to show to lay some vocals, BeatKid decided to record some of his own music…  And what do you know,  you are now hearing some of the tracks he's been putting together.  

With 2011 being the year, BeatKid is now poised to make his own mark and legacy with his brand new single and album slated for release through Interscope records.  BeatKid truly feels “This is my year.”  And knows Guru is watching over him….


Other than his own personal project, BeatKid is available for production or writing work for yourself or your artists upon request…You can send him an email directly at – BEATKIDPRO@GMAIL.COM

“And peace to everyone out there who loves real Hip-Hop, and remember music is a gift from GOD, don’t abuse the gift.” …God bless, BK


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