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Beau is an alternative rock singer-songwriter hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. His diverse and prolific collection of songs have been described as "electrifying," "haunting," "classic" and "adventurous" (see compilation of reviews below). While Alternative Rock/Indie is the primary genre he is aligned with, his songs delve all over the pop/rock map including Post-Punk, New Wave, Rockabilly, Glam Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Reggae, Folk, Disco, Electroclash, and House. Such an array imbues his sound with an aura of true originality all the while nodding to Beau's eclectic assemblage of influences. The artists Beau has most deeply looked to for inspiration include David Bowie, Morrissey and The Smiths, Radiohead, REM, The Cure, Joy Division, Tori Amos, Love, Television, The Doors, Velvet Underground, Blonde Redhead and Roxy Music. Madonna, Scissor Sisters, New Order, Peaches, Dirty Sanchez, Prince and Depeche Mode are some of Beau's favorite dance orientated artists that have affected the more "rhythmic" moments of his ouevre. Some of the themes flowing throughout his work include alienation, social disorder, the esoteric, alternate realities, death, totalitarianism, existentialism, fashion, spirituality, sanity, sex, decadence, love, betrayal, disillusionment and escape.

Beau Phillips has been a performer all his life. Growing up in the suburban enclave of Vacaville, he studied and performed in a variety of settings including theatre (he has been in over 30 productions), dance (tap/jazz/ballet), band (sax/piano/bassoon/clarinet), and choir. Majoring in Musical Theatre at Cal State Fullerton, Beau sharpened his performance skills while acting, singing and dancing in college and professional musicals, playing with the University Wind Ensemble, and being featured as a nightly cocktail pianist/singer at the Embassy Suites. It was during college that Beau began to hone in on where his deepest passion lies: rock and roll songwriting. After having written dozens and dozens of rock songs (and even being the first BFA Musical Theatre student at CSUF to perform an entirely self-written senior cabaret, which featured 8 of his tunes), Beau decided to put aside his theatrical ambitions and put everything into his life-long dream of being a Rock Singer. To date Beau has recorded over 100 of his 170 songs and has posted them on a myriad of sites. His music has been highly praised on sites like, garage and tag world, he has been on the indie, alternative, dance and progressive charts on , has been downloaded 80,000+ times on our and has a sizeable following on myspace. Beau's fresh and sophisticated approach to songwriting along with his expressive singing and playing are sure to create a lasting presence in the alternative rock world. The music world has been nearly devoid of new and creatively charged singer-songwriters like David Bowie, Neil Young, Patti Smith and Arthur Lee for quite sometime and Beau along with several other emerging talents will usher in a new era of musical experimentation, inclusiveness and celebration.

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