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"Hailing kicking dragging trying silently screaming cursing his soul kicking his cheat like a guerrilla while smashing fruits of loops coming straight outta dusty-noisy streets of Lonely Park like the sun arising from the north of the west when they thought he could never be one of the best 'cause the bundu streets got him cursed to the worst to cut off heads of whack MCs and use them as grenades to blow off their bodies or follow philosophies so prophecies could come through to be true But he chose the MIC He chose the mic and took it high He took it higher! and promised to do it until it's done!..." Born and breed in South Africa, North West in the streets of Lonely Park. Vuyani Bekwaphi (as the authorities know him) is a rugged street poet whose scuffed shoes have a story to tell- and you would not want to walk a mile in them. Hailing from a dusty village called Lonely Park in Mafikeng, his passion in the arts was sparked through a talent search in primary school. Bekz Selalome (San-ngoma) read as, the Beast of a song, or just " that of a song" is now emerging as a part of the new frontier of Motswakolistas from Mafikeng in the North West whom “established rappers” are watching closely... worried. And they should be. Bekz Selalome has an enormous talent to express with accuracy and detail the life issues, experiences and day-to-day happenings of ordinary people in townships and villages. His are stories the majority of ghetto-staying youth can relate to, not the pie in the sky pipe dreams being peddled by most of the s0-called hip hop artists who bombard us in the media. There are no pimps, hoes, fast cash, flashy cars and plastic models here. A graffiti artist at heart, he is no doubt one of the “candles in the wind” still burning a light for real hip hop in a storm of a swag driven generation. The mixtape Selo Sa Pele LP is about lyrical artistry and storytelling that inspires. Boasting a powerful voice, stage presence and lyrics, Bekz Selalome is proving to be a force to be reckoned with. The boom of his deep narration over thumping beats snatches your attention and keeps it as you digest his unique style of delivery. The sound is raw, uncut and you’ve never heard Motswako like this before. He makes “RUGGED” sound and look good.


Website: wwworiginiscom

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