Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface

Metalcore, Metal, Hardcore
From: Fish Haven, ID, United States

Band Members

  • Lantz Harris - Lead Lungs
  • Billy Serviss - Scarifier
  • Mike Terry - Droneing death
  • Mike Orton - Beatings

About Band

Dude! Anyone wanna read a fucking novel? Didn't think so.  But Beneath The Surface, a hard rock/ metal thrash band from Bear Lake Idaho / Utah obviously thought so.

We told them keep it short, but they didn't. Oh well, it's all about the rock n' roll so read on as far as you like. And if you dig kick balls metal than - go check them out.

1. Who are Beneath The Surface, who’s in the band, when and where did you form, what are the short and long term goals of the band?

Beneath is  a new breed of traditional straight ahead Rock n’ Roll from Bear Lake ... see.. Bear Lake sits right in the middle of both Utah and Idaho. We’re an un-pretentious, genuine and honest band that proudly embraces everything American Rock n’ Roll stands for.  Beneath The Surface feed the hunger in the Utah / Idaho music scene that desperately seeks a hometown hero everyone can rally behind and proudly call “their” band.

Beneath The Surface are:

Lantz Harris– Lead Vocals

Billy Serviss – Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Mike Terry – Bass / Vocals

Michael Orton – Drums

We all came together in July of 06’ in Bear Lake Specifically , Idaho and with our rehearsal studio in Utah amidst the tourists, beach and lake bums.  We literally have no trouble with noise ordinances because we are out in the middle of fucking nowhere!

We currently could book a lot of shows that come our way through word of mouth and keeping our stage performance tight. We’re also in the recording studio putting down more tracks. Long term... obviously seeking representation on all levels to get to the next level.

2. What’s different about the music scene in Idaho / Utah compared to the Hollywood scene 13-14 years ago? Has it changed, for better or worse?

A few years back there was definitely a lack of young rock musicians in Utah. At least ones with talent, showmanship and image, thus a lack of good bands. It wasn't until this past year that you see a lot of new, young kids out on the scene and new rock/glam bands popping up here n’ there. Definitely this is for the better, as years past it was very cut throat and not a lot of support from the scene or fellow musicians. Tides have changed though. You see and feel the hunger that been missing for so long in the sense of Rock n’ Roll as we know it. But everything goes in cycles. A lot of up n’ coming bands and musicians locally in Utah/Idaho are now supporting each other to help build the scene and put Rural Rock n’ Roll back on the maps. All these bands have been booking with each other on the same bills as well for a greater draw.

Beneath The Surface = Barney meets Godzilla

3. Some of you guys where in various bands, and had other projects. What bands did you guys play in before, and what have you done that the fans need to know about?

Yeah, members of Beneath The Surface (Billy) came from the Southern California, Hollywood 1985 glam band metal scene.  He played alongside Motley Crue and Quiet Riot and Carlos Cavazo band (then called Snow), I played with a band called Killer who I formed with long time friend Tripp Holland (Red Cross/Pandemonium/Wasp and others).  Michael Orton (Ortega) was in an original progressive project called Mourning After, which showcased some great rural talent. Lantz Harris and Mike Terry are new to the whole scene. Mike (Mikie) was a contractor/grease monkey, out of small town Pocatello, Idaho where the lack of musicians and trying to put together original projects failed. "It seemed like an easy progression to still be able to play live and get paid, while still keeping an eye out for players for an original project when and if they came around". Chambered Static filled in while a singer was needed and wrote some killer stuff and was able to record three songs on the second album, Pretty Side Down. We are against the whole cover/ thing and found out how much money could be made and how well you were treated by the venues in comparison to a startup cover-tribute project.

4. What hard rock / heavy metal band should be dropped so you guys can take their place?

Don’t know about taking anyone’s place as there is enough room for everyone. But we don’t know how a lot of bands get the exposure and popularity they do in any genre with either lack of musicianship, song-writing and/or image.  Just let the talent do the talking, that says enough. The fans know what’s good and what’s not regardless of what is out there in pop culture. Just give us a shot and we’ll show you what we can do.

5. Name 3 good things about living in Bear Lake and name 3 bad things?

Good things: Center of cheap resort property, everything’s at your disposal. Can’t beat the climate in summer, the weather here in winter is fucking brutal, but you just get the boys together and record your guts out.

Bad things: Jaded, self interested people. Rich wannabe summer home people. Dumbass tourists slowing down to a dead stop just to see a deer or to get a famous Bear Lake raspberry shake. No strippers hookers or porn models to distract you... um is that a good thing or a bad thing ... you decide.

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