Ben Jacobs

Ben Jacobs

Ben Jacobs

Hip-Hop, Rap
From: Newark, DE, United States

About Artist

Up and coming artist Ben Jacobs was born Michael Warren Capel Jr. on July
23, 1984 in Wilmington, Delaware. At a very young age, he
became infatuated with musical instruments and fell in love with their
sounds. His favorite was (and still is) the drums and he started playing them
at the age of 4. He then realized how passionate he was about
music. After finding ou that life holds many trials and tribulations,
Jacobs moved to Philly for a short period of time to attend college and
pursue his first love - graphic design. It wasn't long before he returned back
to his hometown. "Your eyes cry from the inside and your heart
holds the hurt that the mind can't clothe with illusions", he explains.
Ben has always had a way with words and felt the need to express himself.
He found that music was his best outlet.

"A lot of artists say they love music. They go to the extent to say they live
it. But, to live and love music, you should be able to listen to any genre and
feel what an artist is saying". Ben Jacobs is one of those
artists. He is also a huge fan of it. Trip-Hop, alternative, and heavy
metal are just a few of the different genres he listens to. Not to
mention the obvious rap and hip-hop. Ben's ears have no boundaries.

Some people may label Jacobs' tracks as hip-hop or rap, but in all actuality,
it's simply fun. His music has no specific sound. He knows how to
hold on to his listeners' attention. You don't have to be a certain race or
have a specific genre preference to listen to his music. Many people
may even find it easy to relate to his lyrics and notice his unique style
instantly. People may ask what it is that differs him from other up and
coming artists in the game. It's because of many simple reasons why
he breaks away. To name a few, Jacobs is not just an artist, but a
fan. Not just a consumer, but a supplier. He has the business aspect,
production skills, and the marketing concepts down. He's also a
well experienced graphic designer. Ben Jacobs could truely be a one-
man business.

In 2003, a classmate by the stage name of "Raveon" introduced him to a
new born label, Dellarock Entertainment. Ben started off as a graphic
designer for the label, but after being invited to every studio
session, his drive to do music grew more and more. Jacobs was
handed a track made by the label's in-house engineer  and
started to study and write to it. The outcome was an in-depth
walk through his eyes through ink as he explained the story of his
hard-knocked life. After that, he found it very difficult to stray away
from the pen and pad.

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