R&B, Gospel, Rap
From: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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Benjamin Kelvin Tamana (a.k.a)  BK was born and raised in west Africa Nigeria. He is an aspiring artist who sings, writes and performs R & B, hip hop, reggae and Gospel. He started singing at the age 4 in his church and school. At the of age 12, he joined the senior choir of his church. At the age of 13, he started writing his own songs, singing, performing at concerts, ceremonies and opened up for some big artists in west Africa. At the age of 14, he moved to Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. In his first year in Canada, he was enroll at Gordon Bell High School. 2 months after his enrollment, he performed at the Gordon Bell coffee house with a group called Highlight Productions. There he meet a rapper called Young Solja and King Den. After his performance at Gordon bell, he was ask to join the senior choir at his school, which he did. After one week in the senior choir, he was told to join the vocal jazz choir. Normally, in the vocal jazz choir, one must try out to become accepted. However, the teacher realized BK's potential and was excepted immediatly, by-passing the try out phase. Now BK was invloved in two high level choirs in his school. In vocal jazz, they had to perform at varies schools within Winnipeg. One of the greatest of BK's performances was at the Chinies Alliance Church and after the performance, he was invited to perform at a youth talent show at Tec Voc High School. There he perform one of his songs called "I Love to Love You", which was extremely well recieved by the audience. Two weeks letter he was ask to perform at the University of Winnipeg (UOW) with the Broadway Community Centre's Hip Hop Academy. Shorlty after that, he had a series of shows in a row. The Stage Crew wind up party called Spring Jam 2008, another performance at his High School for the Festival of the Arts and few more made BK a local hot commoditty. BK then realized he needed a place to record and refine his craft and got involve with a Hip Hop producer/artist named Addison Sandy at the Hip Hop Academy. Bk continues to attend the program and records and performs with the other participants occasionally. He also mentors some of the youth who love music and aspire to be musicians in future. BK belives it is important for these youth to know that not all Hip Hop and R&B artists have to be involved in gangs and criminal activity. BK realized music was an outlet that kept him off the streets and away from trouble and want the to provide the same guidence and opportunition the straight and narrow, in all this performing and teaching he has meet a lot of great musician, and producers. he meet some good artice like (platinum Blacks).This group is one greatest group he has have ever seen, BK also meet leonestar and young solja, together with this guys they decided to form an oganiesation called West African Boys (W.A.B) Leonestar and young Solja are Rappers and BK is the only singer he loves Rapping but singing has been his life, (W.A.B) all do music as an individual and also as a group, As a group they have perform in so many night clubs in Winnipeg but there aim in Winnipeg and most especial in Canada is to bring music as an inspiration to peoples life and to change life of many youth he can. To be Continue.......

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