Hip-Hop, Rap, Trip-Hop
From: Modiin, Israel

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When and how did you get interested in pursueing a music career?
           I always dreamt of becoming a bassist, never thought i would want to pursue a music career in rap,  Since age 11 I used to write poems, poems with no meaning, poems to girls, poems to myself etc...
Not until early 2009 did i get interested in hip hop, this was when I discovered Kid Cudi, a rapper that seems to bring such a new genre to the hip hop scene, suddenly i found myself relatig alot to his lyrics and decided to just try this rap thing out.
          After rapping for 3 months I noticed my style is very different opposed to all the hip hop artists out there, and thats when i signed up a youtube account and started posting my songs, then I just recieved tons of good comments on my songs, subscriptions, and DJs wanting me to rap over their beats. So here I am waiting for my moment, I know it will come, I just dont know when

What do you like to do?

I love getting into altered states of mind.
I like to drink Yerba Matte ( Exotic Special Tea ) to help me with my songs, it puts me at a calm focused high. I also love meditation, and spending time with animals

And I love to just chill to some wicked BASS beats on my subwoofers.

What are your lyrics about?

My lyrics are your kaleidoscope to the numerous altered states of minds avaiable to the unconsicous and subconscious side of your mind. Thats  how i can describe my lyrics haha.
But seriously, I like to caption my love for nature, psychedelia, altered states of minds, and most of all write my life in hidden messages in my lyrics.

Who are you?

Im a 16 year old, i was born in Israel, lived there for 4 years, moved to Cyprus and lived there till was 6 then I moved to Brazil where i lived in Brasilia for 4 years, and Sao Paulo for 6 years. I never felt any connections to any countries

What religion are you/Where are you from?

Im now back in Israel, although i classify myself as having no country except Planet Earth, and not really having a religion ( Not an Atheist ) and my only God is Nature.

I dont believe in countries, i dont believe us humans have the right to draw lines on land and claim it as our own when we cant even co-exist with animals.

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