Benny and the Razorblades

Benny and the Razorblades

Benny and the Razorblades

New-Wave, Punk, Indie
From: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Craig Hudson - Singer/Guitarist
  • Luke Williams - Guitar/Bass
  • Arran Ramone - Drums/Backing Vocals

About Band

well we'll follow the handy tips at the top of this page.


Craig Hudson: singer/guitarist/writer.

18 years old, been a performing musician since the age of 13 when he first learned to play the drums, after a pretty succesful stint with many many bands playing on the old boom booms he moved into songwriting and playing guitar. A busker, a devoted musician and a lover of all brands of music spanning from the great Johnny Cash to the sweet sound of the punk/ska band less than jake. 


The Jam, The Who, Less Than Jake, The Style Council, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Glen Hansard, dropkick murpheys and many more.


Arran Ramone: Drummer/Backing Vocals

just 17 years old and already a much respected drummer by the band and friends alike, some say beneath his rough hairy fatigue lies a beast, a beast writhing to be released...others just say "'s Arran..innit?". Arran has an ear for picking out certain things in music he's heard and ellaborating them in such a way as they become his own, a huge ramones fan and can tell you what song is coming up purely by the "1..2..3..4!" at the beggining of each track. loud, loud and did i mention loud. possibly the best up and coming drummer yet. not to be missed.


Ramones, Distillers, Subways, Iron Maiden, The Clash, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Murderdolls, White Stripes, X-Ray Spex, Blonide.....Dave Grohl in general!


Luke Williams: Lead Guitar/Ex-Bassist

The oldest of the band at 19, asked to join as a bassist for a favour by Craig, i believe the term was "well you are seeing my sister". he brings a unique twist to the band with a 60's sound on bass and a more modern slant on guitar. you may be wondering why he's the ex-bassist? well it kind of went like this:

Luke: i hate bass

Craig: i know

Luke: i'm quitting the band

Craig: why?

Luke: i hate bass

Craig: oh yeah! wanna play guitar instead?

Luke: Okay!

So he was gone and now he's back with the instrument he loves to play, and he does play it well. his love shines through with some great riffs and solos that will have you rewinding and listening again and again.


Jeff Buckley, Led Zepplin, The Meteors, Bob Dylan, The Kinks.


So on with the music.

We play a rare breed of new wave punk, thought lost in the 80's with a neat mix of more ballad like songs which seep with Craig's Irish upbrining. we can't really say we sound like anyone in particular, there's a lot of influence in the song writing process, including the ramones, the jam and all the others named above.  Although there is a more unique sound buried deep within each song, normally resulting from some heart break or other such devastating event, but the music carrries well and true to the very ending note, never wavering from the point and always refusing to be commercialised. the band started when long lost friends Arran and Craig found each other on the well loved myspace, discussing music and other such mutual interests. after a brief stint of small talk Craig eventually got round to bringing up his dream of starting his own band, something to do with friends, just for a laugh. Arran heartily agreed and that was that. 6 months of 2-piece punk action followed and it was only when they started being offered bigger, more potentially prestigious gigs did they decide to recruit a bassist into their midst. enter Luke, Craig's sister's boyfriend, he wasn't a bassist at all, but being an extrememly advanced guitarist, they decided he would fit the bill anyway, not taking into account that he couldn't stand bass. but he played anyway and played well, recording their fist EP with them on bass and then switching over to lead guitar leaving room for a new bassist (we've got one, just needs to be trained).

Our future?

Who Know's? stay tuned.

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