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Ben Rekittke is a one person wonder.  He’s been playing guitar since the age of 15.  He’s played for a few bands but finally settled when he achieved the right mix. 


Ben did his first recording with Molotov Grasshopper along with John Warren in Columbia, Mo.  In 1993 an A & R representative from Island Records heard their music.  They were signed to record an album.  However, 2 weeks before this album was due to be released, the representative from Island Records was let go along with many others. 


Ben and the crew picked themselves up and moved to Kansas City which is his home town.  They played all over the Midwest supporting their album which was produced by the band themselves.  They eventually moved to Los Angeles, California and played in that region for the next few years.  Ben moved back to Kansas City, when the band split up in 1999.  After playing in loud rock bands in bars with horrible sound, he decided that screaming over 2 marshall stacks and a drummer didn’t represent the subtleties in his voice and guitar playing.  Simplifying this was the best thing to do.  He surrenders to his own voice and guitar playing without any noise.  It was Ben and his guitar – pure, simple and magical. 


Ben Rekittke’s new CD, “Rooming House Circus” is a menagerie of shaded, yet colorful songs. His lead single, “Push” is about an LA girl control freak.  The guitar in this particular song, expresses an excitement and vulnerability which is depicted through the melodic textured chords that he plays. 


Ben Rekittke’s music is a voice to he heard.  There are two powerful voices in his music; one being his own vocals and the other being his guitar.  Together their melodic fusion is joyous to listen to.  With silence comes thought and with thought comes inspiration.  Ben now knew what he needed to do.  “When I die I have to go before God and play my best song or I don’t get into heaven.  So the discipline of being completely alone and playing well is the most important thing”, states Ben.   There is a saying that he remembers to this very day that an old man once told him, as he played his casio keyboard; “Play every show, every song, every note like it’s your last”.    He found out later that he died a week after they met that night.  His name was Step Buddy Anderson, an old KC jazz musician. 


“Rooming House Circus” is a wonderful collection of songs that trigger introspective thought.  This one is a must buy in my book.  It is available digitally at most iStores, but you can also listen to and/or purchase these songs by logging onto any of the following websites:


Ben did shows with Cibo Mato, Boss Hog and Billy Goat.  He will be playing in Kansas City, but no plans on touring are available at this time. 


Ben Rekittke is currently working with A & R Select in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities.  For additional information, please contact them at:




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