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Bent was established in 2000,kansas city mo. The band hit the metal scene hard and played all over the
midwest,southwest,& western united states.
Bent was in 3 Midwest battle of the Bands. Taking 1st
place two times & 2nd place once. They also have earned the respect of other midwest bands & local kansas city fanzines by earning awards such as:
1- Best band in (kcmo)2000!
2- Best drummer in (kcmo)2001!
3- Best guitarist in (kcmo) 2002!
4- Best frontman in (kcmo) 2003!
5- Best damn road crew (kcmo)2004!

"Bent is one of kc's must see bands" KC ROCK REVIEW.
"Bent is Kansas city's premier metal act" KC star.
"Bent's fans take over, intimadate & devour rock
clubs as they are very loyal to Bent" Pitch weekly.

After taking 1 yr.& a half off the boys are ready to get back at it. Bent just needs backing. A lable to snatch them up and let the world here & see them. With there live performances, professional attitudes,
& very catchy songs BENT would be great on a national tour.

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