Bert Hall

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"Bert Hall is Baltimore based songwriter who writes and performs music blending a number of influences not always typically associated with each other. Among the many influences cited in his music are YES, Black Sabbath, The Cocteau Twins, the Durutti Column, the Smiths, Morrissey, Miles Davis, Rush and Bauhaus. Though Hall plays or has played for a number of bands local to the Baltimore area, this page will feature music recorded with Hall as the only or primary musician, performing his original music. Hall's solo vehicle as of early 2010 is called Echoes in Dust. In the course of his 20 year career, Hall has performed on numerous cds, in national and international venues and amassed a large songbook of original material. Hall can be found on international tours with Against Nature and Revelation and on cd with Legion Lost, Negro Childe, and Later than Soon. To date tours have included the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and Canada.

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