Punk, Power pop, Indie
From: Belen, NM, United States

Band Members

  • Freddie - Guitar/Vocals
  • Bryan - Bass/BackUp Vocals
  • Daniel - Drums

About Band

THE BEGINNING: Between Here And Home (BHaH) formed on November 17th, 2005. The story is pretty funny, Bryan and Freddie were in this crappy "old-school punk band" called The Transmitters. It's actually how the two became really good friends, so Freddie asked Bryan if he wanted to come join this other band he was thinking about starting and Bryan was sold. Daniel and Freddie had met in summer school the previous year and had always talked about doing something together but never got around to it, so Freddie talked to Daniel about it and Daniel was sold. There was almost a fourth member, Cory "Pickles" Dillman who later on became known as "Just A Roadie". The four sat down with a list of names (Between Here and Home, Madison's Angel, ect) and figured out which they liked the most, and Between Here and Home became the winner. Another possible choice was The Michaels because, Bryan, Daniel, and Freddie all have the same middle name.

THE BREAK: After awhile things got a little shakey. We had enough songs to record our first EP, "What Time Is It...?" Daniel went in and laid down all the drum tracks except for one song, So They Say*. Then some personal issues came about and that's when Daniel had told us he was quitting. From there Freddie and Bryan tried to carry on, for awhile doing some acoustic work, Freddie wrote some new material, but the two continued to search for a replacement drummer. The truth is no one could ever replace Daniel. It's the three of us that make up BHaH. Well we were lucky and found a new drummer Eddie. We had a show coming up and we really didn't want to play an acoustic set so, for about three hours we all sat in a room and Eddie learned a short set to play the next day. It wasn't too bad, but it was missing something. Later on Daniel was convinced to come back and the trio became a four piece with Eddie on lead guitar. That lasted for about 3 days, Eddie quit.

SINCE THEN: Between Here and Home has happily (with a few arguments here and there but it's expected) been a band for over a year, has played many shows, met lots of cool new people, and have continued to do what they love to do, and will hopefully do for a long time.

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