Beyond The Wreckage

Beyond The Wreckage

Beyond The Wreckage

Hardcore, Metalcore, Trance
From: Craig, CO, United States

Band Members

  • Josie - Vocals/synth
  • Chase - Guitar/Vocals
  • Kyle - Guitar
  • Dustin - Bass
  • Sean - Drums

About Band

Straight out of compton. Born and raised. On the playground is where they spent most of their days. But on the days apart from slip n slides and swing sets, a 5 piece metal core band emerges from the midst of the Colorado midwest. After years of continuous failure of member changes and scraped knees, a final product of 2012 sounding music called Beyond The Wreckage becomes the outcome. Beautifully producing the music they perform, Beyond The Wreckage has set out with nothing more on their minds but taking the ears of the millions of metal core fans across the U.S. With guitar,sticks and microphone as their only line of defense, they set out on their journey. Now currently writing their new demo CD, these die hard members have every intention of doing everything they can to desecrate the world with the sound of goodness. Be on the lookout for the next time Beyond The Wreckage blows your speakers and ruins your city!

-Beyond The Wreckage

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