Hip-Hop, Rap
From: Forster NSW, Australia

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Yo wats going on out there in the big bad world BiggyD from the Oz man thats right the Down Under, Ive been in the game for about 2 and a half years started of with Jester when we created a Group call O.z Conect and recorded the firster O.z Conect Album "Ride Or Die" after which a mutal split between us two boys Jester Had Joined a group Called EVP wit jb and B Maraious. My First Solo Album Love The Player Hate The Game THE MIXTAPE is now out with the hit song FUCK WOOLWORTHS and How Does It Feel featuring Jester and B Maraious also  the remarable song Addicted....

The song Fuck Woolworths cost me my Job So I am Currently Working on Part 2 for my upcoming mixtape "O.z Stlye" and i am confident it will be more rude, raw, uncut, uncesored ripping holes into the worst supermarket chain ever  made

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