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From: Toronto, ON, Canada

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The name is Bk'ILL (pronounced Bee Kay Ill). I came up with that name bacause people usally call me BkL and when you say that fast it sounds like Bk'ILL and also I wanted a name that was unique that people would remember my name. I started rapping at the age of 13. What made me start was my father because when he was around that same age he started to rap and it was the only way I was able to connect with him because he was in jail. So as i grew older i started to develop a passion for writing and freestyling. I remember when I was young and I didnt have too much rhythm or flow and no one wanted to do a track with me. That was my motivation to perfect a flow that i can work with and listen to more music and listen to more beats and not let them destroy my dreams. So as i grew older and met up with those same people who told me who I couldnt flow and or rap today they say differently now. I would also like to thank my father because he also was a large personal influence on me to get better, he never really said to me that i sucked even when I wasnt to good, instead he gave me constructive criticism. It's an unfortunate that me and my father no longer talk because of circumstances but that just made me more determined to fulfil my dreams and become the best. Other influences are Jay-Z, Papoose, Big L, Lil' Wayne, Drake, Young Money, Cassidy & Larsiny Family, Nas, and last but not least the late Notorious B.I.G.

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