Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: louisville, KY, United States

Band Members

  • Dre Blac - MC
  • Justice - MC

About Band

The soon to be legendary MC known as Dre’ Blac was born Philip Andre Spalding II, on May 12, 1986, in Louisville, Kentucky. The eldest of three, a young Dre Blac was suddenly thrust into the position as patriarch after the unexpected death of his father, who, had he awaken, would have been celebrating his 41st birthday.  Blac has lived primarily in Louisville, where he developed much of his musical and artistic talent. He spent two years in Boston, MA to take some time for personal development and to put some distance between him and his hometown. He returned to Louisville, energize and ready to hit the music scene with increases vigor and enthusiasm.  Music was always of interest to Blac, who at the age of twelve, produced his first mix tape. He met the other part of this emphatic ensemble, Justice, in 1997. They both attended Barrett Middle School and stayed with in close proximity to one another. In 2005 Blac and Justice, who was an excellent match for his style and creative sound, collaborated to create the group BlacJustice. They have been unstoppable every since Together, they create a contemporary sound that, lyrically, includes real world issues and intricate rhymes. The latter makes a unique sound unmatched in this decade.  In 2007 Dre Blac began lending his talents to local freestyles and talent nights. Blac is an up and coming artist that is sure to become a hip -hop household name. His urbane style and smooth flow of his voice, combined with the unique vibe of his beats, is a sound not to be missed.  Justice Biography:  The irrepressible Justice was born Arnesha Murrell on September 15, 1986. She was born in the urban area of the city in Louisville, Ky. Justice was the youngest of two female siblings and grew up with 11 family members, consisting mostly of cousins. She was subjected to the streets at a young age which resulted in a quick maturation. Her determination to surpass any obstacles fueled the expansion of her artistic abilities. She attended Barrett Middle School where she met Blac and have remained inseparable every since. The tragic death of Justice’s father, seven days after that of Dre Blac’ s, solidified a bond that grew more over time.  Justice started writing poetry in 1997 and was published in Today’s Woman in 2001. Her unique writing style and creative talents were apparent at a very early age. The name Justice was created as a result of her political views of today’s society. Justice expanded her poetic talents to music by creating beats inspired by her poetry. In 2005, She and Blac combined their musical talents to create the unique sound of BlacJustice. Their smooth sound and creative rapping style make them a force to be reckoned with. Justice unique style is one that should not be missed. Her ability to conform from rap too sultry is a rare and unique talent.  BLACJUSTICE – BAMN ENTERTAINMENT (By Any Means Necessary)  A collaboration of Dre’Blac and Justice is a unique duo established in 2007. Their label, BAMN Entertainment was established in 2008. Their music focus is a mixture of rap and R&B.  The rhythm rap sound of Blac along with poetic writings of Justice makes BAMN Entertaiment a unique label to appeal to all demographics.

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