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Born in Indiana, raised partly in the sunny state of Hawaii for 6 years, then moved to Grand Forks AFB where my Father retired. We lived in Petersburg for a while. That was desolate but nice and quiet. We moved to Grand Forks where I currently reside. I left a few times to go to Florida where my Mother lives and works for a large law firm doing something... Probate and Estates I think... I went to Florida to go to a community college there, Valencia CC. I studied Computer Programming. I moved back to Grand Forks with the intention of getting a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. I instead went back to Florida and went to Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. Again I came back to Grand Forks. I then went to school again for Computer Networking, Graduated with a AAS in Cisco Networking and am currently working on the CCNA. Through all of this moving I made a lot of friends that played Music. Tom Croucher and Dan Healey are both lead guitarists of the highest caliber and I dont think music would be as fun without them. Tom is a guitar teacher and tech and Healey, as we refer to him as, teaches high school Literature. I currently work at a the Grand Forks Country Club as a Chef where I have been for near 2 years. I would love nothing more than to play music for the rest of my life. I seem to be drawn to it on a near nuclear level. I have an eleven year old son Dylan who is the coolest damn kid you could imagine. He is everything to me. He sometimes sits in the basement and goes ape-crazy on the drums, he has earned the nickname Animal. I hope you enjoy some of the music you hear on here. We put a little money and a lot of time in to our craft. Thank you, Jeff

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