Black Rose For Broken Hearts

Black Rose For Broken Hearts

Black Rose For Broken Hearts

Hardcore, Metalcore
From: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Band Members

  • Jesse Vivanco - Guitar
  • Brayden Tozer - Vocals
  • Graeme Tozer - Drums/Vocals
  • Jim Barnby - Guitar
  • Kyle Monkman - Bass

About Band

The conception of Black Rose For Broken Hearts was July of 2005. Jesse and Graeme shared a similar vision and attempted to fill out a band that would embrace elements of melodic metal, hardcore and punk music. Jim answered the call early that summer and, along with Jesse, makes up the crushing harmonic force known only as 'Double J'. The three took a hiatus shortly after forming the band but kept in contact. Song writing resumed in July of 2006. Graeme's younger brother, Brayden would step up to the mic in August and assume the position of lead vocals. Black Rose would play their first set in December without a bassist. The bassist of Stolen Signature, Kyle, would join only days later. Since adding Kyle as their permanent bassist, Black Rose For Broken Hearts has played with premier local bands like The Downfall, High Five Drive, Hundredfold, Dreadnaut and Damascus. Black Rose has also recently released a three song EP which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeff Bydak at Studiosonix. If you appreciate flying harmonized guitars, intense hardcore two stepping with an exceptionally tight rythem section and inspiring honest lyrical concepts than you should definatly catch a show with Black Rose for Broken Hearts.

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