Blake Williams

Blake Williams

Blake Williams

Acoustic, Folk, Soul
From: New Orleans, LA, United States

About Artist

When Blake Williams was 15 years old, he was digging through his mother's old tapes and he found a Van Morrison album. After hearing this album, he decided to quit the R&B duo he was in and start writing music. Blake played his first live show when he was 17 and he has been playing ever since.

Since his early years as a singer/songwriter (though Blake himself loathes the term), he began to draw from his true inspirations as a child. This birthed the sound that one can only describe as 'Blake Williams'. With the rustic influences of the old folk, blues, and country fingerpicking standards, Blake plays with a certain sort of desperation. And with the obvious appreciation for the soul and gospel "wailers" of the old Motown era, he exudes an equal amount of passion.

Blake's music has been described as 'smoothly rugged', 'creatively written', a collection of 'silver bullets', and much more. It has been said about Blake's live show that it is " heartfelt that I believe Marvin [Gaye] himself would have been moved, had he heard it (and maybe he did with the goose bumps I experienced while listening)." However, Blake is still known to tell people at shows when talking about his voice that he's just "borrowing it". But whether on loan or not, Blake Williams' voice is a powerful one, with meaning and a certain passion that is reminiscent of another time.

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