Blaming Johnny

Blaming Johnny

Blaming Johnny

Ska, Punk, Reggae
From: Santa Rosa, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Sierra Harry - Singer
  • Jan Lembke - Guitar
  • Josh Lippman - Guitar
  • Erik Falkowsky - Drums
  • Justyn - Bass

About Band

The Bay Area has been, and still is, a breeding ground for many famous bands known around the world. Endless names could be mentioned, such as Green Day, Metallica, Primus, and so forth... Blaming Johnny is another band that originated in Sonoma County. It all started with a jam out including Sierra Harry and Jan Lembke. Having many common ideas, styles, and goals they decided to look around for more musicians... hoping to form a band. Just a couple of months later they were already jamming out original songs with a drummer and a bassist, and were ready for their first gig... Their mix of Ska, Reggae, and Rock kept many people talking and wanting more. More they got! Songs were written, fans started coming to practices, and gigs were arranged. Unfortunatly, when Blaming Johnny came close to recording their first album, the original bass player, Ben, decided to leave the band. Not wanting to give up, the remaining members actively searched! It didn't take long until Blaming Johnny was back on the road. With a new bass player, Ryan Brown, AND a new drummer, Eric Falkowsky, things turned out really good for the band. At this point, Blaming Johnny found themselves playing venues such as the Phoenix and the Las Day Saloon repeatedly; along with the great smaller clubs and bars that the band has always appreciated very much!!! Now it was time to record the bands first album. They called it "The Driving an Escalade EP". With many hits on "myspace", and people requesting more copies of the album, and gigs being offered, the guys from Blaming Johnny decided to fully commit to the future of this band, and for another dramatic effect, added another guitar player... Josh Lippman; who would reconnect members with a good spirit and laughs! And two months later they found themselves back in the studio at Ultimate Castle Records, where their first full length album was recorded. Blaming Johnny decided to name it "The Yellow Album", which includes songs such as 1158, Help Yourself and Retrospekt... some of the fans favorites. Shortly after the release party of the album, Ryan, the bass player, decided to leave to persue another career in another world. Again, the band was stuck! And, again, it didn't take more than e few weeks until we found Justyn, our new bass player! When he showed up to his second practice with BJ and busted out all our songs flawlessly..... it was back on!!! And currently the band is jamming out with a trumpet and a trombone... and they sure love the sound of that! Also, on July 9th Blaming Johnny will begin their first tour through California! Start off point will be in Berkeley at Blake's, then The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, Whiskey Richards in Santa Barbara, a stop in LA, and a final show in San Diego!!! So buy our CD's pleeeease!!!! You can download them now via our myspace page. Just don't click on the link that says "BUY OUR CD ONLINE NOW".... the link to the "store" is right underneath it! I will fix it asap....

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