Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul
From: Providence, RI, United States

Band Members

  • Nadim Allah - CEO
  • John Moscino "HeartStoppas" - Music Producer
  • Tex - President
  • Brooklyn - Financial Executive
  • Cream - Music Executive
  • David "HypeCEO" Desrosiers - President of A&R / Marketing & Promotions

About Band

Blanktrace Music Group is an independent label located in Providence R.I. A group of 12 men began BlankTrace 1.1.09. The intersting factor in the name is the first letters of their sons & daughter name to create the acronym "Blanktrace". With in this label we have a group an a solo artist The group is....Heart n Soul, HnS has gained their moment on stages a number of times with Mr.Cheeks.------------------ B.M.G has an amazing own studio and mass production of their own music an covers. B.M.G has a major followings in Providence,RI. Most fans admire their rebelship and diversity that slits the group and music we hear today.In the near future B.M.G will began to sort new projects in other genres such as : Gospel. ,R-n-B and Rock of course. BlankTrace began to make there movement full about 2 years ago however, individually there worked in this industry about 10 years.Alot of promoters & etc boast on B.M.G's careers. They explain us by "burning down stages" not just in Providence but also around the east coast,. Each of our artist have a unique style of Rap/Other. You can experience a moment into their music by going to For The Following: Studio time, Beats, C.D./D.V.D duplication, Club Promotion & Bookings please call us at: 401-499-4653 or 401-383-8332 Google it! Just search blanktrace word. BlankTrace Music Group|2010 Blanktrace Studios- 230 Oak st. Prov,RI 02907 Office:(401)-383-8332 Cell:(401) 499-4653 Https:// Https://

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