bleeding inside

bleeding inside

bleeding inside

Metal, Alternative
From: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Band Members

  • zion anderson veira - vocalist/bassist
  • kamen veira - lead guitarist
  • aj scott - rythm guitarist
  • louie hamood - drummer

About Band


Bleeding Inside is still finding its specific style, most of our songs are mathcore. We play different styles, mainly focusing on fast pased riffs as well as slow and catchy ones. Vocals include singing and screaming. The band has been going for 2 to 3 months now. We have really worked hard to make songs that you may enjoy.



Why we chose our name:

We chose the band Name Bleeding Inside, because nearly all of our songs have a deep, deep meaning to them and most of them have been experiences that band members have had. So we thought that if we had a band name that was deep and meaningful and made people think deeply about why we called it that.

Gigs played

We have played live in the past, we played at our drummers own hosted event, even though it was in his backyard, i still feel that it was a good one.



Band history
Well not much here, only been together for 3 months.

 Our influences
Our musical influences come from the likes of
Silent civilian
As i lay Dying


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